The Illustrious ASLM FAQ v2.0

Welcome to the all-new, totally-redesigned ASLM FAQ. If you want to see the FAQ from the previous incarnation of this group, it's available here.

1. What exactly is a "shoe"?

Anyone who believes unicorns are not mythical. Anyone who believes dragons are beautiful. Anyone with a delightful, unique, uncluttered sense of humor. Anyone who hangs out in ASLM.

2. Can anyone who is not a shoe post to this group?

Yep. (But if you are a spammer, we'll just toss the post - unless we want to make fun of it.)

3. Can anyone who is not a lesbian post to this group?

Of course. Many of us shoes are bisexual anyway. And heterosexual women are welcome here as well, so long as they don't try to tell us there is anything wrong with being queer.

Oh, and het women should be really careful not to flaunt their het privilege in our faces, 'cause we don't like that very much...

4. What about men? Are they welcome here as well?

Most of us don't mind an occasional post from a guy. But we wonder why, given that there are over 40,000 other newsgroups on Usenet, any man would want to post here. The whole planet is saturated with men's opinions; this particular newsgroup is dedicated to women's.

5. What do shoes talk about?

Trolls, ogres, chimeras, golems ... whoever deserves to be talked about. We like to watch!

Other favored conversational topics include (but aren't limited to) Cajun cookin' ... sex, lies, and videotape ... and just what the hell are Usenet newsgroups good for anyhow? Expect conversations to contain adult-oriented content, though not necessarily or exclusively sexual. We like our wit quick, and our puns hot- crossed and buttered.

6. Makes sense so far, but what is alt.shoe.lesbians.moderated?

Well, in the beginning, there was ASL, but it got overrun with spam. So a couple of folks got together and created ASLM. It was a cool place, but unfortunately it died due to server problems. So the folks who originally created ASLM, along with a few helpers, got together and created this new place. It's a lot like the old place, but there are definitely a few changes. Feel free to come on in and look around.

7. Are there any rules I should folIow when posting here?

Yep. Always mention your shoes.

And if you want to be polite, follow the accepted Usenet convention of using your delete key liberally when quoting a previously posted article. Include a few lines of context from the previous post so people can tell what you're responding to, but *always* delete the previous poster's signature file and the footer that ASLM puts at the bottom of messages.

You see, most people outside North America have to pay for each minute of internet connection time, not to mention the charges for local phone service. So please don't forget to snip. And for the same reason, please limit your signature file to only a line or two.

8. But why do I have to mention my shoes?

Because it's part of our culture here. Because it shows you are interested in getting to know us and what we're all about.

9. Do I have to be "nice" to post here?

Well, we generally frown on posts that create more heat than light. If you come in here and call somebody an ugly name, for example, you won't endear yourself to the shoes. On the other hand, this is a written forum, and people are responsible for what they write. Anybody who writes something offensive or illogical should expect it to be challenged.

While ASLM is generally a happy and supportive place, we value critical thinking over surface "niceness". So folks shouldn't expect unconditional reinforcement, particularly if they're operating under poorly thought out assumptions.

10. Is this an English-only newsgroup?

Mais non! While most shoes hail from North America, the UK, or Australia, there are people here from every continent except Antarctica. (And we've heard rumors of a lurker at one of the Aussie polar stations.) While many of the anglophone shoes can read other languages, some can't. So while non-English messages are certainly welcome here, you might remember how linguistically deprived English-speakers (especially those from the U.S) can be.

11. One last question: What is this "VB" thing the shoes keep talking about?

The VB is our virtual bar (and it also stands for "Victoria Bitter" - some Aussie drink, so we hear). Our bartender can make any drink (with or without alcohol) that your heart desires, so belly up to the bar and chat a while. Tell us about your day, complain about your boss, share your tales of home and travel, or prop up your feet and relax.

Just watch out for the jello pool!

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