Alt.shoe.lesbians.moderated (ASLM) is a friendly place where lesbians, bisexual women, and other women meet to discuss just about anything they like. Topics range from advice to auto mechanics, kd lang to cooking tips, lesbian feminism to Xena, and the tone can be anything from serious to incredibly silly. Although our main language is English, we welcome women from any country, in any language.

ASLM is the successor to the late, much-missed alt.shoe.lesbians (ASL) newsgroup. We started the new group in June 1997 because we could no longer keep the sex spam out of ASL. Since then, our beautiful and witty (and talented) moderators have kept the spam (and the trolls) away. Not coincidentally, the number of women who post to the newsgroup has skyrocketed and, the last time we checked, we had shoes on six continents.

Want to know more? Read the FAQ, or check out one of the topics below. Then join us online, but don't forget to mention your footwear (or lack thereof).

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