ASLM Status

25 April 2002, 2:58pm NZST

Yes, we're still here, there just haven't been any "technical difficulties" of note to report for the last year. Cool, huh?

23 April 2001, 7:26pm NZST

Everything is back to normal now!

22 April 2001, 1:55am NZST

ASLM went down temporarily earlier today (*checks watch* er, actually make that yesterday) due to problems at Panix outside our control. The group is back up now, but we still have some problems to resolve. Specifically, only the first paragraph of each post is getting through; everything after the first paragraph is being lost. Hopefully we'll be able to resume normal service shortly.

23 January 2001, 10:30pm NZST

The usenet feed for alsm was down for a number of hours yesterday for unknown reasons, but appears to be back up now. The egroups archive also missed a number of messages, due to a problem which has since been fixed. The mailing list has been operating normally.

13 January 2001, 6:06pm NZST

After a long time of darkness, during which ASLM was lost to us and the remaining shoes were forced to eke out a miserable semblance of existence in the harsh realm of egroups, alt.shoe.lesbians.moderated is back! ASLM has a new home on, thanks to the efforts and good will of Piglet, Ayana, Lisa, and of course the Evil Mod herself, Sarah.

Both usenet and the mailing list are functioning normally. However, due to the long hiatus and change of server, there are probably a number of ISPs who are not currently getting the group. If you have trouble accessing the ASLM newsgroup, see What if My News Server Doesn't Carry ASLM?

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