ASLM Technical Information

ASLM can be read as both a newsgroup on usenet and via an email mailing list. The content of the group is the identical on both, ie any posts made to one also show up on the other; they are just alternative methods of reading the same group. Usenet is accessed with a newsreader program such as Agent. Many web browsers also have built in newsreaders. Following the link alt.shoe.lesbians.moderated may allow you to read the group, depending on how your web browser is set up. The mailing list can of course be read with any email program.

What If My News Server Doesn't Carry ASLM?

The ASLM Mailing List

Before posting, check out the ASLM FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) and the Moderation Policy. Not sure if ASLM is working okay? Check out the ASLM Status page.

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