A guide to some of the regular contributors to aslm. For additions, updates, or corrections, please contact Felice. The old Links page is available here, until people have had a chance to submit Who's Who entries with their homepage links.

Grace Louise Loehr
Gwendolyn Alden Dean
Heather Rose Jones
Heather, the Black Rose of Crofton Downs
Lisa Cohen
Mary McCool

rachelle moore
Sarah B

the beautiful and witty (and talented) mods:

miriam arachne/mirjami lukki
sarah heather cardin

Callisto Name: felice heather landry (online, anyway)
Location: New Zealand
Date of Birth: 19 April 1975
Occupation: software engineer
Interests: books, movies, science fiction, cats, aikido, overthrowing capitalism
Partner: Thoroughly single, and not expecting that to change in the foreseeable future
Animal companions: Tango (burmese and snuggly) & Vega (black, fluffy, and evil), Heather Blackrose (evil and snuggly)
Web Site: TBA... eventually... maybe...
Shoes: black, preferably without silly heels

Sarah and Friends Name: sarah heather cardin
Location: portland, oregon, usa
Date of birth: 14 august, a long time ago
Occupation: History grad student (no, you can't ask about my thesis), tech writer
Interests: playing irish music on the fiddle, queer history, books, science fiction ... but first & foremost -- EVIL!
Partner: what's a 'partner'?
Animal companions: buca (kitty) and Jane Doe (special needs kitty)
Web Site: www.crowgirl.org
Shoes: boots

Name: Grace Louise Loehr
Location: Berkeley, California
Date of Birth: 6-28-1957
Occupation: RN
Interests: reading; movies; music; photography
Animal companions: none
Shoes: Merrells, Rockports, Borns, indestructable OR clogs

Name: lastoutlaw
Location: Savannah, GA, USA
Date of Birth: 11 October 65
Occupation: Gov't slave, aslm bartender...soon to return
Interests: Books, sports, traveling, good theater, animals
Partner: Nope....sigh...I've given up
Animal companions: The "aunt" to a very spoiled jack russell/beagle mix, "Bubba"
Shoes: Faux birks, black leather boots (not for much longer), bartending boots

Name: milo, also answers to mich, michal, idiot...
Location: Dyke central, Melbourne (Northcote)
DOB: 04/09/80
Occupation: the person that writes those apps when you phone up and get "To do such-and-such, press 1."
Interests: books, food, books, flirting, music, books and flirting
Partner: Meaghean, the other M in M&M (I swear she's Red :-)
Owners (Animal companions): 2 Cats: GB (Grumble Bum), Tato (even thicker than she looks), 2 Rats: Blondie (Blind as a rat), and Abigail (if that b*tch bites me one more time...) I complain but I love 'em :-) We actually started out with two separate rats (who have since died), and then we got given two more. Our rats are lesbian rats - they don't reproduce, they recruit!
Shoes: docs, winsdor smiths, sneakers, scuffy steel caps

Name: Mary McCool
Location: Wichita, Kansas, USA
Date of Birth: 29 October 1953
Occupation: Accountant
Interests: genealogy, tv, reading, movies, music, WNBA
Partner: nope
Animal companions: none
Shoes: faux birks, sneakers, chucka boots, loafers

Name: Heather Rose Jones (that's "Rose" as a middle name, not "Heather-Rose", not "Rose-Jones")
Location: Oakland, Calif.
Date of Birth: May 12, 1958
Occupation: eternal grad student (former biotechnologist, former editorial assistant, sometime song- and fiction-writer, only counting the remunerative occupations)
Interests: (I never know where to stop ...) books, linguistics, Welsh stuff, history, archaeological textiles, gardening, travel, music, SCA
Partner: hah! I wish!
Pets (sorry, I don't do this "animal companions" thing): Angel (a siamese-colored alley cat)
Shoes: on weekdays, comfortable generic walking shoes; on weekends, my pick of the Fun Historic Shoes in my closet

Heather Blackrose Name: Heather, the Black Rose of the Rankin Browne Building
Date of Birth: 16 October 1974
Occupation: singer/songwriter, PhD candidate (submitting December 2003), library assistant
Interests: music, clothes, geek literature, deviant sex, overthrowing capitalism
Animal companions: I share my companions with Felice Landry, who is pretty evil and snuggly herself
Partner: jessikast
Website: laputain
Shoes: sandals, heels and Dyke Boots (tm) - all black
Status: on Shoe Leave of Absence until this thesis is beaten into shape

Name: Tuatara
Location: Waitakere City, New Zealand
Birthdate: Aries, 1951
Occupation: collector of fibres and fabrics, seller of pre-loved wares, columnist for various print magazines but all low-key due to health problems
Interests: weaving, fondling and fiddling with fabrics, talking, chocolate
Partner: none at this point
Animal companions: no
Shoes: black, just realised something.........I've got pair of stamping good black boots in closet for winter, ahhhhh winter is going soon I hope.

Name: Gwendolyn Alden Dean
Location: Ithaca, NY, USA
Date of Birth: 23 September 1960
Occupation: Coordinator-Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender Resource Center, Cornell University
Interests: Politics, reading, sewing, decorating, traveling, movies
Partner: Yes.
Animal companions: Nicholas the Dachshund, Pumpkin the Rat, and Beelzebub the Abomination
Shoes: 72 pairs & counting

Name: dev (that doesn't change much)
Location: Santa Rosa, California
Date of birth: January 30, 1965
Occupation: Mortgage Banking (yes, again)
Interests: music (both listening and making it), books, certain tv shows, lounging at the lake...
Partner: Yes, but not live-in. I'm not doing *that* again for a **long** time! (someone remind me of that, will ya?)
Animal companions: this part is definitely changing...at the moment, 3 cats and 3 dogs, but 2 cats and a dog will probably be moving out soon...
Shoes: lots of 'em...

Name: Lisa Cohen
D.O.B. 3 August 1959
Occupation: financial administrator of the journals division of the Univ of Chicago Press
Location: Chicago, IL
Partner: Ayana
Animal companion: Hannah, the hound dog
Shoes: nike walking shoes

Name: Ali
Location: Melbourne Autralia
Date of Birth: 1962
Occupation: Academic - I forgot to leave university
Interests: writing, drawing, playing music, sculpting - all subject to lack of time
Partner: Single
Animal Companions: the dreaded Tigger (cat) still rules the house. An addition of Mr Muscle, the lab/newfoundland cross is there to provide some k9 balance and tail wagging charm
Shoes: prefer bare foot, but have recently been reclaiming heels *shrugs* i don't understand it either!

Name: shannon
Location: Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Date of Birth: 12-12-73
Occupation: stay-at-home mommy
Interests: you mean I'm supposed to think? I'm going to have to leave this one blank for now.
Partner: yes, but weirdly.
Animal Companions: Conor O'Connor and Anathema Device, my kitties, Jacob Finn the monkey boy, and the wiggly worm without a name.
Shoes: not today

Name: misfit
Location: n.c., u.s.a.
Date of Birth: 12 february 1962
Occupation: lotus notes application developer
Interests: working out, social justice issues, walking on the beach
Kids: daughter (vintage 1989) and son (vintage 1992)
Animal companions: molly the hyper brittany
Shoes: just socks at the moment

Miriam Name: miriam arachne/mirjami lukki
Location: portland, oregon, usa
Date of Birth: 7 december 1957
Occupation: nursing student/caregiver at adult foster care home for PLWHA
Interests: weaving/spinning/dying, reading, spending time near/in water, espcially the ocean, contra dancing, political mischief, catching up on sleep
Partner: but who has time anyway?
Animal companions: emma, the super model of the cat world (if she wasn't so pretty she'd be dead by now) and Shasrara (shas), poor bottom of the pecking order in the cat scheme of things
Shoes: nekked feet as much as possible, otherwise Dansko clogs as much as possible

Name: Christine
Location: Portland, Oregon, USA
Date of Birth: May 13, 1974
Occupation: Umm, currently working on finding one. In the meantime, see below!
Interests: Reading (fantasy, sci-fi); Russian language, culture, and poetry; Russian medieval costuming; the Society for Creative Anachronism (hi, HRJ!); tablet weaving; archery; singing; composing
Partner: Meredith, of 6 1/2 years
Animal companions: Norma the Monster (named after the last bottle of red wine Meredith and I shared before we left Burlington, Vermont)
Web Site: http://www.geocities.com/chrstnj
Photo gallery: http://photos.yahoo.com/chrstnj
Shoes: tall boots, black 9 West loafers, Steve Madden, anything with a chunky heel

Bek Name: Bek, also answers to Ricky and a variety of other names
Location: Melbourne, Australia
Date of Birth: 3/2/75
Occupation: Umm, well, err, *looks at the ceiling and whistles*
Interests: The Internet, reading, flirting with milo, flirting with anybody else who'll flirt back, flirting full stop, snuggling, simultaneously snuggling and flirting and then leaving the person hanging ... umm, where was I? Oh, writing non-fiction, disability and queer and transgender issues, trying to get back into school to do disability studies.
Mate: Got a boy I'm life-partners to but we don't do those icky squishy friction-of-mucous-membranes thing in bed because I like doing that with girls. We look after each other though. I say he's my SO. Makes things easier, and he is Significant Other in the literal sense.
Pets: Four fish, named after my carers: Dina, Trish, Julie and Diane.
Web Site: http://www.tertius.net.au/~gossamer/
Shoes: Bare feet or tacky black sandshoes that used to be blue until I put liquid shoepolish on them. They make my feet black in the rain.

Name: shiney
Location: Canberra Australia
Occupation: high school teacher moonlighting as a children's author
D.O.B. 15th July 1959
Partner: nah - based on past experience, where each partner is crazier than her predecessor, the next one is likely to be an axe-murderer. I want to avoid that... quite happily single (but happy to accept cyber-hugs!)
Kids: Yep, two teen human ones and two naughty feline ones.
Pets: Spiders, lots of spiders, with whom I have a live and let live relationship coz I'm too chicken to kill them. Current spidey-friend is called Rosie.
Hobbies: Spider-avoidance, writing, eating chili-flavoured stuff, reading, um, heaps of other stuff that doesn't involve an awful lot of physical activity
Web Site: http://
Shoes: yes, preferably comfortable ones. I love my slippers.

Name: Steph
Location: Central Maine, USA
Date of Birth: 26 January. I'm a child of the 70's
Occupation: unemployed former social worker
Interests: ice hockey, whitewater... water really, of any form
Partner: Dating, perhaps soon to be living with
Animal companions: Loaners in the house Gordie the golden; Scout, the dyke, hussie, aussie; Hank, Scout's cat; Louie, the frenchman who had every critter in the neighborhood before he was neutered; Mittens, the toothless old lesbian kitty who will lick you with her wet, wet tongue
Web Site: someday, maybe
Shoes: summer, stinky teva guide model; spring, fall, Fabiano hiking boots; winter, Bauer 5000 ice hockey skates

Name: kathleen
Location: near Yosemite Nat'l Park, CA, US
Date of Birth:7/13/57
Occupation: retured/disabled (raises back of hand to forehead and sighs dramatically) "woe is me" (no, truly, I am *so* done with that) I used to be full of anger (why me?) then I realized that I have a really good life!
Interests: Reading (fantasy, sci-fi); studying lgbt politics and history, collecting (and disbursing) lesbian books and movies, playing clasical piano, den mother to 3 new roomies (kids gone, gotta pay the bills...)
Partner: nope, but I have faith that the goddess will smile upon me
Animal companions: Donna, an adorable white cocker spaniel
Shoes: whatever fits over my new ankle/foot brace, to wear outside, but mostly nekkid feet around the house

Tammy Name: Tammy
Location: Canberra, Australia
Occupation: Former Paralegal, now Disabled Pensioner studying to be Certified TV/Video repairer (via correspondence course)
D.O.B. 14th January 1971
Partner: I'm in a platonic relationship with a bisexual male, for convention's purposes (in other words, I'm "out" to everybody except for my homophobic Dad) *sigh*
Kids: Once, but no more. My beautiful boy was born on Christmas day but Heaven called him back 10 weeks later.
Pets: I'm owned by the 3 most beautiful felines in Australia. Muffin is approaching 7 years old, and the babies are both 1 year old. The babies are Bambi and Holly - who each have their own peculiarities ;).
Hobbies: Nude sunbaking, playing darts, pistol shooting and nude swimming. I'm a naturist.
Web Site: http://www.featherfoot.cjb.net/
Shoes: Dr Martens - the blackest shoes this side of Tuggeranong. They also add about 2 inches to my height!

Name: kay
Location: DC area
Occupation: lotions and potions guru
DOB: 24 september
Kids: are fine when you can give them back
Pets: Winkie, the cat who's been bounced around too much the past year - but she's sole cat in this house
Hobbies: reading, avoiding housework, hanging with friends, being a "foodie"
Shoes: many options, a significant percentage of which are docs, but there are 3 pr of RM Williams, and several pairs of pumps lurking about as well

Name: Leela
Location: Minneapolis
Occupation: helpdesk geek and wannabe minister
DOB: 5/5
Kids: no thanks
Pets: nope
Partner: no
Hobbies: fiber art, woodworking, writing
Shoes: Haflinger clogs, boots, or lace-up dress shoes

Name: Randy
Location: Eugene, Oregon
Occupation: Living. (But in order to make some money to make that easier I work at a facility similar to a group home for adults with SPMI. I am the night manager.)
DOB: December 16
Kids: none of my own
Pets: Yes I am the pet of a feral cat
Partner: no she does not like that word. she is just my sweetie
Hobbies: (in no particular order) reading, woodcarving, dancing, painting, camping/hiking, cycling, shopping, writing, chatting with friends, sci-fi, weight lifting, lurking on email lists ( I am even shy online).
Shoes: If I must (when the weather is not cold). Hikers, boots, sandals, clogs, sneakers, boat shoes, rockports, more sandals.

Name: rachelle moore
Location: portland west usa
Date of Birth: 1 june nineteen fifty-something
Occupation: independent multidisciplinary researcher
Interests: history, technology, da blues guitar, and legal justice, persons and other invisible beings
Partner: it could happen. meanwhile, breath goes on...
Animal companions: memories of feline-friends past
Web Site: i aspire to blogdom
Shoes: fit the ground, the feet, and the moment

Name: Sarah B (not to be confused under any circumstances with Sarah C)
Location: Chicago, IL, USA (late of New Zealand)
Date of Birth: 12 June 1974
Occupation: doctoral candidate in sociology/women's studies
Interests: reading, computers, politics, hiking, mountain-biking, inline-skating
Partner: Single and not really looking at the moment (tho if Ms. Right turned up...)
Animal companions: Serendipity my cat
Web Site: had one, but thats gone now, would love to do another one, but that would have to involve time...
Shoes: summer - low-heeled slip-on sandals, or strappy thin-heeled sandals, winter - heeled low-calf boots, or heeled almost knee-high boots, year-round: cycling shoes, athletic shoes, hiking boots

Name: Marc
Location: Maryland... near DC
Date of Birth: 07 August 1971
Occupation: Engineer
Interests: Taking a break from work... and books, movies and motorcycling when time permits
Partner: Yup
Animal companions: All 4-legged, furry models have moved out...cat went with oldest kid and ex took the dog. (I got to keep the 2-legged one who looks a lot like me)
Shoes: boots, boots... and boots

Name: isabel/xinha
Location: Lisboa, Portugal (in Portugal ladies do shave their armpits!!! Just in case you wonder ;)
Date of Birth: 09 October 65
Occupation: executive assistant
Interests: my job/work, music, books, sports, traveling, cinema/theatre,hanging out with friends for fun and quiet conversation moments especially when theres good background music, delicious foods along with wines ;), etc;.
Partner: no partner
Animal companions: I am zoophobic (childhood traumas, I am scared of animals, not that I donīt like them,I do)
Shoes: All kinds os shoes according to the circuntances, thus I deslike wearing shoes. And for some stupid reason I take note on ones shoes... they can tell much about the person wearing them, I feel :)

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