Harassment Policy

If harassment occurs between shoes on or off the newsgroup and is brought to the moderators' attention, the perpetrator will be given a warning and removed from the automod list. Any subsequent harassment results in a one month ban from posting to aslm. If the harasser reoffends after this time, or continues to harass off-group while banned, they will be banned indefinitely. Any instance of banning will be announced on aslm, with a brief explanation of the circumstances (the victim need not be named). It is not possible to ban anyone from reading the group, due to the nature of usenet.

Harassment is defined as continued emails to, or postings directed at or referring to the harassee, after the harassee has notified the harasser that they do not want any further communication from them. Notification may occur off the group, in which case the harassee must forward evidence of the notification to the moderators. One (and only one) email acknowledging a request to cease contact is acceptable and does not constitute harassment. If harassment is occuring entirely outside the group, the standard of evidence required to prove harassment is stricter. If harassment is occuring entirely within aslm, the postings must be clearly personal in nature; disagreeing with someone in a public discussion is not harassment.

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