Moderation Policy

  1. No advertisements for sex-related web sites, products, phone services, or other services will be accepted. Exceptions to this rule may be made if the moderators think a message is funny, or that it will provide hours of fun for aslers.

  2. No pyramid schemes, chain-letters, or similar "make money fast" messages will be accepted.

  3. No cross-posts will be accepted. If you want to send the same message to asl and another group, you will have to post each copy of the message separately.

  4. No commercial messages from businesses will be accepted.

  5. Commercial messages from individuals will be posted, as long as they are "small." For example, a sig that mentions your business would be okay, as would a post that announces a book that you just had published.

  6. No binary or encoded files will be accepted. This includes messages in HTML code.

  7. No personals will be accepted.

  8. Apparent troll messages will be discussed by all the mods until a decision is made to either approve or reject the post.

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