ASLM: alt.shoe.lesbians.moderated
ASLM's Ultimate Shoe Goddess
TechnoBabe Supreme (tm)

  That's a very determined-looking little girl in the picture, isn't it? Well, if Sunny hadn't been so determined, she might not be with us now.

Growing up out on the bayou in Louisiana can be tough, especially when you are the perfect size for an alligator's mid-day snack. So from a very young age, Sunny was determined that she was only interested in meals where someone else was the main dish. Keeping this thought in mind, she fought those alligators off single-handed, and - on those rare occasions when she met a really hungry reptile - Sunny had enough wit to be able to talk that gator into eating someone else. These early lessons in the power of words and deeds would stand our dear Sunnyshine in good stead much later in life, when she was to meet a threat more dangerous than alligators.

A wee techno-babe

The story goes like this: In Spring of 1997, ASL was suffering mightily under the onslaught of sex spam. Beginning with a trickle the previous fall, the flood of ***Nude girls want to make you hot*** messages had grown to immense proportions. Things had gotten to the point where the sex spams far outnumbered the legitimate messages.

Just when things were the bleakest, and shoes were abandoning ASL in droves, Sunny stepped out of the shadows and de-lurked. She knew that the sex spammers were a big threat to ASL, and that somone who'd spent her childhood fighting alligators was more than a match for even the toughest spammer. She immediately began posting messages right and left, trying to engage the remaining shoes in coversation so that the "real" ASL posts could be seen amongst all the spam. Almost single-handedly, this newcomer was able to get the remaining shoes to start posting again. This alone would have earned her a place in the hearts of shoes everywhere, but there was more.

Sunny offered ASLM a place on her news server in Louisiana swamps (the famous, where we shoes could set up a moderated newsgroup and rid ourselves of the spam. No one in ASL, including Sunny, knew how to set up such a newsgroup . . . but, through diligence and hard work, she and a few other shoes got the new group - ASLM - up and running by the end of June.

If you ask Sunny, she'll tell you that it was nothing; that anyone could have done what she did. But the rest of the shoes who were around at the beginning of ASLM know differently. Without Sunny, ASL wouldn't have lasted long enough for there to have been time to set up the moderated group. And without her, ASLM's beautiful and witty (and talented) mods would never have found each other.

  Technobabe in all her glory Lately, Sunny hasn't been around ASLM as much as we'd like. And for technical reasons, the newsgroup moved from Louisiana down to Austin, Texas (, and then again to it's current home on But whether she's here or away, Sunny is truly ASLM's Ultimate Shoe Goddess TechnoBabe Supreme (tm).

Oh yeah... that picture on the left is the way she looks now...

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