On November 1, 1996, Red suddenly realized that she was really tired of all the sex spam that kept dropping into ASL:


Fanatical Dr. Seuss lovers may find the following extremely offensive,
but probably less so than they would find the postings to which this
little ditty refers!

I do not like to read you, Spam;
Yes, anti-spam is what I am!
I do not like you in my house
I would not feed you to a mouse.
I will not buy you at the store

I will not read you anymore!
I do not like to see you here
Your html.fills me with fear!
I do not want to watch your show
From here I wish that you would go!!!!

I do not like to read your words
For most of them are quite absurd!
I would not like you in a book
I do not like the way you look!
I don't know why I write this rhyme;
I hardly feel you're worth the time!!!
I do NOT like to read you, Spam;
Yes, ANTI-SPAM IS WHAT I AM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(...and the crowd goes wild..........)

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